Fishing in December in Cabo: Reeling in Winter Wonders

What to do in December in Cabo

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As the year draws to a close, fishing enthusiasts eagerly flock to Cabo San Lucas, enticed by the promise of exceptional angling opportunities in the brisk December waters. Embark on a thrilling fishing expedition in this captivating Mexican paradise and discover the treasures that await beneath the surface.

Average Weather in December

December in Cabo San Lucas embraces pleasant weather, characterized by mild temperatures and clear skies. Average temperatures range from the mid-70s to low-80s Fahrenheit (around 23-28 degrees Celsius), providing an inviting climate for both fishing and relaxation. The cooler air blends seamlessly with the warmth of the sun, creating an ideal setting for a day on the water.

Fish of the Season

December ushers in a plethora of prized fish species teeming in Cabo’s waters. Anglers can anticipate the presence of sought-after catches such as Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado (Mahi-Mahi), Striped Marlin, and Wahoo. These species are known to be active during this time, making December a prime month for landing impressive trophy fish.

A Whale of a Time

Beyond the thrilling fishing prospects, December in Cabo offers a tapestry of experiences for visitors. Witness the majestic migration of humpback whales as they traverse the waters on their journey south. Whale watching excursions are a popular activity during this time, allowing you to witness these gentle giants breaching and frolicking in the ocean.

Moreover, December marks the festive season in Cabo San Lucas. The town sparkles with holiday decorations, and the spirited atmosphere is palpable. Embrace the local culture by exploring traditional Mexican holiday celebrations, savoring delectable seasonal cuisine, and perhaps even partaking in festive events or markets.

Enjoy Cabo in December

Fishing in December in Cabo San Lucas is a captivating experience that harmonizes the allure of angling with the charm of the season. With favorable weather, a diverse array of fish species in their prime, and the chance to witness incredible marine life, December promises an unforgettable fishing adventure for enthusiasts of all levels.

So, head into the water, cast your line, and relish the thrill of reeling in your prized catch amidst the beauty of Cabo’s warm winter wonderland. Whether it’s the thrill of the catch or the joy of being surrounded by nature’s marvels, December in Cabo awaits!

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