Meet Captain Cali: The Heartbeat of RedRum Sportfishing

Captain Alex "Cali" in Redrum Sportfishing

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Avid fishermen can attest to the truth of the saying, “a good captain is worth his weight in gold”. At RedRum Sportfishing, we’re proud to have many “gold-worthy” captains on our team, and today we’d like to spotlight one of them: Captain Alexander Aviles Rodriguez, more fondly known by his nickname, “Captain Cali”.

Roots in Fishing

Born and raised in Cabo, Captain Cali’s passion for fishing dates back to his teenage years when he was just 13. Spending more time fishing than on land, he learned the ropes from older captains who invited him along on their fishing trips. This hands-on experience paved the way for Captain Cali’s deep understanding and love for the sport, skills which he now applies daily at RedRum Sportfishing.

Why RedRum Sportfishing

Captain Cali has been with RedRum for years because of the company’s strong reputation in Cabo, boasting a busy calendar and a fleet of fast, beautiful boats. But beyond the company’s appeal, it’s the sense of camaraderie and mutual respect that truly sets RedRum apart. The bond he shares with the company and its owners make him feel at home. One of the recent highlights of his career has been working on a new boat project, which has further strengthened his bond with the RedRum family.

A Passion for Conservation

For Captain Cali, each species holds a unique appeal, but it’s the marlins—blue, black, striped, and sailfish—that hold a special place in his heart. In line with RedRum’s commitment to conservation, Captain Cali is a strong advocate for catch and release, especially when it comes to marlins. He believes that protecting these magnificent creatures today ensures their survival for future generations.

Tournament Thrills

Participating in tournaments like the Black & Blue and the Tuna Jackpot, which RedRum has been part of for over a decade, adds another level of excitement to Captain Cali’s job. Despite the stiff competition, he firmly believes that every boat has a chance to reel in the big one, making these tournaments a thrilling experience.

Cali’s Invitation

Captain Cali, helming the Oso Blanco, a 33′ Blackfin boat equipped with modern amenities, extends a warm invitation to all those who wish to experience fishing in Cabo. With his deep love for fishing, local knowledge, and unwavering commitment to conservation, Captain Cali embodies the best of what RedRum Sportfishing has to offer.

When you’re planning your next fishing trip to Cabo, come and fish with us at RedRum Sportfishing. Captain Cali, along with the rest of our experienced crew, will be waiting to provide you with an unforgettable angling adventure.

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