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What an awesome December of fishing here in Cabo! If meat fishing and filling the cooler is your thing, you’ve got to get December in Cabo on your yearly calendar. More than 80% of the boats this past month caught their limit of Dorado (Mahi-Mahi,) and usually by mid-morning! Mahi size ranged from 8-20lbs for the majority of the month, but there were a few stretches where it seemed like 20lb Mahi were the average with some 30+lb fish. We always prefer to release juvenile fish, but as a charter company the customers sometimes dictate what gets harvested. This past month was great in that the abundance of Mahi allowed us to release a lot of juvenile fish. Those 12lb Mahi we released this year will be 24lb fish next year when you come down!

In addition to the Mahi bite, the Yellowfin Tuna bite was really strong this month as well. The class of fish was all over the place too. While the majority of the fish harvested were “football” or “schoolie” sized fish in the 15lb range, we saw everything from 50lb fish, to 150lb fish, and a few 200lb “cow” Tuna. A private boat run by friends of ours landed a monster 365lb “Super Cow.”

The Marlin bite around Cabo has stayed pretty consistent with most boats getting multiple shots per day while fishing locally. Private boats and a few charter boats continued their assault on Magdalena Bay with reports of 100 Marlin days coming regularly. As the water cools on the Pacific, this massive concentration of Striped Marlin works their way south. Our own “Oh So Rojo,” a 46′ Bertram, just returned from a 3 day trip exploring the fisheries to the north and they reported releasing no less than 20 Marlin a day, all while trying to focus on Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail and Wahoo. Marlin fishing is really good when your by-catch of Stripers reaches double digits. It really is amazing to see what these banks 100-200 miles north of Cabo, that don’t see 300 boats a day, routinely produce.

Looking forward, there is no doubt the Dorado and Yellowfin bites will continue to be strong and we’re looking forward to that migration of Stripers to continue to work their way south. The Finger Banks off Todos Santos (55 miles north of the Cabo Marina) and the Golden Gate Bank in between should really be firing throughout the rest of January and through February. The Finger Banks are well known for producing double digit Marlin days and our “Extended Day” trips make the bank reachable on a single day fishing trip. If you are interested in a Multi-Day, Extended Day, or even standard day trip while you are in Cabo please give us a call at (US)760-481-7667 or check out our (new) website at Thanks for your support of RedRum Sportfishing -Ryan

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