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Amazing how a year can change things; from here in Cabo San Lucas to wherever you are in the world reading this fish report. This time last year we were running our last couple charters, tourists were heading home and we were all told we needed to chill at home for a few weeks and “flatten the curve.” A few days later we learned that it was official, here in Cabo at least, we had to shut down and we wouldn’t run another charter for 3 months. 

Los Cabos Named The World’s First Health Secure Destination


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It’s a new year, we’ve got a new outlook and I think everyone can agree on one thing, we’re all ready to move forward and for a lot of y’all that means vacationing again and coming back to CABO!!! 

Many of you may have contacted us to ask questions about Cabo’s Covid response, if bars and restaurants are open, is it safe, etc etc. While we have been doing our best to help ease your concerns about traveling, Forbes just published an article that pretty much cements what we’ve been telling y’all all along. Cabo is super safe Covid wise, cases are extremely low, and local hotels/bars/restaurants are following the protocols put in place to help us achieve the safety our tourists are looking for. So, what did Forbes have to say? Los Cabos was just named the world’s first “Health Secure Destination.” A third party, independent healthcare company called Sharecare recently completed their health and safety study and concluded that Los Cabos would be named the world’s first “Verified” travel Destination.

The Forbes Travel Guide helped develop the “Verified” platform and found that “among the [Los Cabos] region’s 85 hotels, 84 of them have completed and maintained verification on more than 360 global health security standards, including health and hygiene protocols, cleaning products and procedures, ventilation and health safety communication for guests and employees.” The one hotel that was left out is still undergoing the verification process. 

Now that we got that all out of the way, what’s happening on the water? Right!! How about a CABO FISH REPORT!!

The fishing was a little slow during late Feb and early March. We had a lot of wind and ugly green water for like 3 straight weeks, but we’ve got that past us and things are getting back to normal! The inshore bite has been really good for Sierra, Rooster, Snapper, and Grouper. Offshore, it seems like the Striped Marlin got pushed down and out of the Pacific and are congregating in the Sea of Cortez. They’ve found bait rich, warm water and the best part for us anglers, they are close to the marina. 

For those very patient anglers willing to put the time in to searching, there are a lot of surface Swordfish right now too. The charter fleet as a whole is seeing 4-6 Swords a day basking on the surface, and they’re hooking and catching a few of those too! Our very own, 60’ Viking, “Suerchingo” got one the other day! Captain Lalo was looking for Striped Marlin through the binoculars and saw the tell-tale “twin fins” of a Swordfish. For a fish that spends 95% of its time in 1500+ ft of water, spotting them on the surface is something we look forward to every year. Positioning the boat just right, and pitching a bait off the bow is how we generally approach these Swords. If we’re lucky enough to hook up, get ready for a serious fight! Swordfish are called the “Gladiators of the Sea” for a reason!

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